April 27, 2008


Two weeks in worlds biggest little city, Chengdu. Nighst in Mix-hostel, few beers and chatting with other backpackers. Daytime I took a bus to lively oasis in suburban Chengdu, local Waldorf school and it's biodynamic gardens around a small pond. Lovely people, full of love and inspiration and huge will to learn, do and understand.
To my joy I had a possibility to keep few workshops about speech, drama and storytelling. It was great to do some old speech exercises!
And memories were running all over my body when we were doing eurythmi, stepping and doing Hallelujah with our Japanese teacher and piano.
Have to admit,few tears came to my eyes.

Now I'll pack my bag and take a bus to Mountain Emei. Climp up to the sun rise and try to think how to avoid becoming holiday weekend...

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