June 29, 2009

The moon

A bed on a roof of a jeep.
Yellow smile on the sky.
New moon, new start.
I'm heading home!

Uluṟu - Earth mother

Ancient beat.
A path stepped by millions tourists.
Dreaming and sacret sites of Anangu people.
The rock smiles, so do I.

June 24, 2009


New friends.
A hired car.
This moment, this day.

And I'm there. Somewhere.
About 16 months I have been wondering towards Uluru. But time and distances get mixed up in my mind: Kilometers, mails, hours, days and months. Was it yesterday when I started this journey,
or was it ten years ago?
And from where? Towards what?
And who it was who left?
Was it me?

June 21, 2009

A winter day

Yellow leaves on grass.
Lonely bench on a park.
Early Sunday morning and the city wakes up.
Swans are black and pelicans look like dolls,
but the air of Adelaide smell like Helsinki on September, today.
I step on a train (again..)

Me - Uluru 1650km

June 17, 2009

3660km to Uluru

And the journey go on..

June 3, 2009

Sign in - sign out

I put my signature on (re)sign paper and say farewells to one of the oddest jobs of my life. There is only three working days left, so about 30+ hours practice of patience and fitness. And on next week I'll be a ex beef pusher!