June 30, 2008

Same same - But different

Up on Bolaven plateau, in middle of waterfalls and coffee plantations I enjoyed village life and little bit cooler climate. In good care of Mama Pap's I watched children, cows, chickens and piglets running wildly between houses and country yards.

O This Laos, one of the most bombed countries in the world.
I heard a story about photograph where old woman is standing front of her tiny shop. On shop you can see goods for day to day life; rice, chili, soy sauce, some fruits and in middle of it all there is an unexploded pineapple bomb.. And stories about caves where tens of thousand people has lived and hided almost ten years during Vietnamese war when USA fight it's so called "secret war" in Laos.
O books of history, all this violence and suffering!
Despite all of this people live their simple basic life and on their face you can see a smile, so true, friendly and beautiful.

Now I wonder few days 4000 islands on river Mekong and then I'll continue to Cambodia and new stories..

June 20, 2008

Summer solstice

In monsoon I travel through amazing landscapes, following the Mekong river I go through peaceful and laid back Lao. Monks and beautiful temples. People sleeping in offices, restaurants, little shops and on a streets... Why not?

And the daily rain witch comes as sure as day and night.
One day we hiked on muddy jungle paths and over rice fields to little village. We sat down on the end of the village, ate some noodles and watched sunny scenery..
In one moment we saw dark clouds running and flowing over the mountain. We could hear and see the rain coming.. One-two-tree.. it's here
But you get used to the rain and being wet. And when it's not raining it's so hot that only little thought in your mind about walking makes you sweat and your shirt becomes wet anyway.
Maybe I could just lay down here, do nothing and rest.. Why not!?

June 13, 2008

Lao Lao

and me..

June 4, 2008

Last night in China

Zembla, Zendu, Xanadu:
All our dream-worlds may come true.
Fairy lands are fearsome too.
As I wonder far from wiew Read,
and bring me home to you.
-Salman Rushdie-

Last night in China and tomorrow I'll cross border in Mo Han to Lao. O, can't wait anymore.. goodbye China!

A Third storyletter is published. Its includes feelings and moments from my time in Chengdu and from journey through Lijiang to Lugu lake. Thanks for Marnix for drawings, M.J. for Chinese names, Alec for editing and correcting my English for the letter! A Story in the letter is a fictitious tale from modern China. .

"Smell of spring"

Soft rain on a small street. Everything is still. Only two guys intheir raincoat drive with bicycles pass the post office. Roses aresmelling and smoke from a nearby restaurant is floating down the rainystreet. Nothing is happening, everything is still. But if you stand ina street you can feel and smell it. The air is full of magic.Something important is happening just here, just now!

Order the storyletter and read more..

June 2, 2008

Helsinki - Jinghong 12783km

233hours in public transport
9 days and nights in trains and one day and night in buses..
and journey go on..

There is no train lines for me anymore and it's time to say goodbyes for lovely trains for a while and travel with logal buses through Southern China and Laos to Thailand. I gonna miss that smoothly going and calm sound of the trains.
From Kunming to Jinghong I travelled with one of Chinese specialities: A Sleeper bus.. O my! The Beds in three lines and on two floors, quite good, clean and comfortable. But, but, I'm scandinavian man, almost 190cm tall and these beds made for Chinaman. So most of the night I spent for seeking for best position..

Kind of miss home sometimes..

In my mind I travel to Helsinki. Sit down in Alppi park, drink some red wine with friends and speak (in Finnish!) about world, poetry and love. Then I take a train to Parikkala (bloody 3,5 hours!) Walk through small paths in Likolampi to home of my childhood, sit down on dining-table, smell warm and familiar smell of home and eat some of the words best rye bread.
I wake up from my daydreams and notice that I'm sitting under a banana tree on my bamboo hut's balcony and a chrysanteunum tea is steaming on my cup.
I sip some tea and smile.
I'm happy where I am!