June 30, 2008

Same same - But different

Up on Bolaven plateau, in middle of waterfalls and coffee plantations I enjoyed village life and little bit cooler climate. In good care of Mama Pap's I watched children, cows, chickens and piglets running wildly between houses and country yards.

O This Laos, one of the most bombed countries in the world.
I heard a story about photograph where old woman is standing front of her tiny shop. On shop you can see goods for day to day life; rice, chili, soy sauce, some fruits and in middle of it all there is an unexploded pineapple bomb.. And stories about caves where tens of thousand people has lived and hided almost ten years during Vietnamese war when USA fight it's so called "secret war" in Laos.
O books of history, all this violence and suffering!
Despite all of this people live their simple basic life and on their face you can see a smile, so true, friendly and beautiful.

Now I wonder few days 4000 islands on river Mekong and then I'll continue to Cambodia and new stories..

1 comment:

nath said...

wonderful country than Laos. Sweet souvenirs to the jungle, rice field, wood house, and all background of Lao PDR.
Have a good trip!