June 2, 2008

Helsinki - Jinghong 12783km

233hours in public transport
9 days and nights in trains and one day and night in buses..
and journey go on..

There is no train lines for me anymore and it's time to say goodbyes for lovely trains for a while and travel with logal buses through Southern China and Laos to Thailand. I gonna miss that smoothly going and calm sound of the trains.
From Kunming to Jinghong I travelled with one of Chinese specialities: A Sleeper bus.. O my! The Beds in three lines and on two floors, quite good, clean and comfortable. But, but, I'm scandinavian man, almost 190cm tall and these beds made for Chinaman. So most of the night I spent for seeking for best position..

Kind of miss home sometimes..

In my mind I travel to Helsinki. Sit down in Alppi park, drink some red wine with friends and speak (in Finnish!) about world, poetry and love. Then I take a train to Parikkala (bloody 3,5 hours!) Walk through small paths in Likolampi to home of my childhood, sit down on dining-table, smell warm and familiar smell of home and eat some of the words best rye bread.
I wake up from my daydreams and notice that I'm sitting under a banana tree on my bamboo hut's balcony and a chrysanteunum tea is steaming on my cup.
I sip some tea and smile.
I'm happy where I am!

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