August 27, 2008

Kuala Lumpur

I walked under skyscrapers in narrow streets of Chinatown wishing that I could somehow send this amazing and stimulating mix of smells, sounds and colours or deliver the beauty of the moment when I sat on a roof terrace in middle of the night, watched lights of the city and listened sounds of calming drumming of a warm monsoon rain on sheet metal roofs.

August 20, 2008

A chilly morning

I took a bus to Cameron highlands to escape for few days from this hot weather. We drove through rubber and palm trees towards green mountains and tea plantations. I talked with a driver and listened stories about history, farming, illegal immigrants and corruption.
Finally I found a bed in old army barracks and took a sweatshirt from my bag, a shirt witch has been useless so long time. Then I put a pink blanket on my shoulders. O' weather is so nice and so cold!

Day by day and kilometer by kilometer I'm getting nearer to Australia, working and earning some money, but there is still some miles to go. And I start to be little bit worried about my financial situation. So if it has been in your mind to order some story letters, now would be a perfect moment:)

August 16, 2008


I cross a border to Malaysia and walked on a streets of Kota Bharu, looked at the mosques, listened sounds of the city, felt a different rythm of muslim countrey and enjoyed tasty food from banana leafs.

Now I look at crystal blue waters in Perenthian Islands, wait that the full moon of August will rise up to the sky. I recall Oscar Wilde's story about fisherman and his soul. And fisherman's shadow's words are echoing in my mind (as I remember those):

"After one year, at the full moon evening,
I'll be waiting for you on this same beach.."

August 7, 2008

Towards south

Few days ago I made my way from heat of Bangkok to Island called Ko Phangan in southern Thailand. With some nice people I found lonely beach and rented a bungalow and hammoc for myself. I looked around and tought; maybe I could stay here for a while. So I unpacked my back, put some photos on a wall, build up my little kitchen, prepared bowl of noodles and some coffee. Then I lighted an incense and laid on my bed. I have a home. For a moment..

P.S. Somehow I managed to broke my camera, so unfortunately there will not be any new photos before I fix or buy a new one.
O' stupid me!