April 18, 2009

Blood and incenses

I have a mosquito net and a bed on a table.
I have a peacock's quill and a fragrance of incense.
I have a job; blood, carcasses and a pain in my muscles.
I have a day off; comic books, juggling balls and a devil's stick.
And for a moment I have a home, on a shed of my friends.

April 4, 2009

A door

Thanks for all of you who have been ordering my stories. With your help my noodle bowls have been full and spicy all the way to down here. But somehow I have to find some "own" money. Someway I have to pay visas, train, bus and ferry tickets on my coming journey towards the Northern star.
So now I'll stay in Woodford for a while and Uluru must wait.
Now I try to be brave and work for two months.
Tomorrow I'll open a door to my new job. A door witch I thought I'll never walk through. But tomorrow I will.

There is sign on the door.
And on the sign there is written:

April 1, 2009

To the East

Pass the mining town Kalgoori, through the emptiness of Nullarbor plain and weird atmosphere of Broken Hill, atmosphere full of silver tears the train took me to Queensland. And on the last stop there was my friend waiting for me. A Old friend of mine from the wild streets of The Eastern Finland.
Half asleep, half awake I sat on a kitchen table of Layne's family, and happily I took a sip of Finnish coffee.