July 29, 2009

Learning new things part II

Concrete is solid.
It's harder than my fist.
So, even how tired, frustrated, pissed off you are, still DON'T punch your fist to wall of concrete boat! Or if you really have to do it, then use your left hand. (Or vice versa if you are left handed)

July 28, 2009

Satu dinggin bir Bintang, makasia!

Powered by wind we crossed Indian ocean, Timor sea, Banda sea and sailed 600 nautical miles from Darwin to Ambon. And here I am in a capital of spice islands. I'm tired, but happy. I smell the familiar fragrance of Indonesia and I'll lit a clove gicarette and open a cold Bintang beer - or maybe few...

July 17, 2009

I'm heading home

What does it means?
I don't know.
But anyway it feels good: Journey to home.
How long it will take? I don't know.
Some route to Helsinki.
I have some plans, I have many dreams, but I don,t know.

What do I know!?
I'm at Darwin now.
I have a home, a tent on my friends garden.
Wheather is warm.. it's a tropical dry season, you know.
There is music on the streets..storytelling on the teather.
Friends here and there from here and there.
I like this place.
I'm happy today.

And there is a boat in marina.
Captain John and big boss Jenny.
Tomorrow we'll lift sails, sail towarards Indonesia,
And I'm on my way to home,