July 17, 2009

I'm heading home

What does it means?
I don't know.
But anyway it feels good: Journey to home.
How long it will take? I don't know.
Some route to Helsinki.
I have some plans, I have many dreams, but I don,t know.

What do I know!?
I'm at Darwin now.
I have a home, a tent on my friends garden.
Wheather is warm.. it's a tropical dry season, you know.
There is music on the streets..storytelling on the teather.
Friends here and there from here and there.
I like this place.
I'm happy today.

And there is a boat in marina.
Captain John and big boss Jenny.
Tomorrow we'll lift sails, sail towarards Indonesia,
And I'm on my way to home,

1 comment:

Geremia said...

The photos of the "red center" are really impressive and stayng there I think more!Good luck for your way back home!