November 16, 2008


The yacht is almost ready to go and in few days we'll head to Oz!
I wave goodbyes to Kupang.
And I say thank you for people,
thanks for the help,
and thanks for beautiful moments in this weird city!

November 6, 2008


Rhythm of seasons is taking over me. Inside me I hear and feel the sounds of northern Autumn. But these surroundings doesn't support my feelings; I feel the warm see breeze on my face, walk on white beaches and relaze on shadows under coconut trees.
But now and then I sat inside of my mind, put a blanket over my shoulders, listen to Anthony, Gave, Cohen, and on light of candles I take sip of red wine..

Now I just look at the see and wait.
I wait for a boat.
I wait for a new visa to my passport.
I wait for something to happen.
I wait for something special to happen.
I wait for full moon.
And I wait for a boat...

November 2, 2008


I just wait and wait
and try to be..

And dry soil of West-Timor is waiting for the rainy season, the Sun show all it's powers and temperature rise up to 35°C already in 9AM. Daily power cuts in Kupang turn fans off, I sweat and can only repeat again and again:
"Panas, panas!"

Helsinki-Uluru chapter 6. is out soon! The letter will include my journal from my time in heat of Cambodia and a tale called "The green pearl" with drawings by Lars Kastilan.