September 26, 2008


Shawwal's (شوّال ) new moon will rise up to the sky next week. The end of Ramadhan and a holiday season of Indonesia will make all transportation crowded and prizes will increase 50%.. What to do!
Should I hide here in Yogyakarta, climp to mountains or run to Bali? I don't know!
It could be good in here, I could relax for a moment, stay in a same place, look around, listen stories and enjoy this culture capital of Java. But fewer inside me is burning and makes me wanna travel to the south.
In my passport there is stamp from Dumai on 9Th of September, witch means that I have around 40 days time to find a boat to Australia or I have to travel to Timor and fly to Darwin..
O' what to do!?

September 16, 2008

Bye bye Sumatra

I'm hanging around in Bukit tinggi and preparing my self to 24 hours bus ride to the south.. Java here I come!

Helsinki-Uluru chapter 5. is out now!
In the letter there is photos and my diary from my time in Lao PDR and fictitious memoirs of Peter Jones called "A dance of a dragonflies"

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September 14, 2008

0.3°S 100°E

I got lost in a jungle..
I waded in a river and fought with leeches.
I found myself in a small village
preparing a cane sugar to the market
and finally on a crater lake eating vegetables in peanut sauce..
Life is good!

September 1, 2008

It's time for Ramadan

I organised some of my things in KL and finally Australian immigration officials friendly granted me a one year working holiday visa.. So I took a bus to Meleka to buy a ferry tickets to Sumatra and to enjoy few days a fresh air of a little town.

Now I'm back in KL and celebrate Malaysian 51. independence day and beginning of Ramadan with culture witch capital can offer; In Merdeka cafe I listened stories about sexual rights in Malaysia and history of sexuality in Asia, I hope to see some modern and experimental theatre in KL performing art center and just wander on bookshops looking for Persian poetry..

Tomorrow I'll buy a new shirt. At least I'll comb my hair and wash my face, then I'll knock a door of Indonesian embassy and apply for two months tourist visa.

P.S. I bought a new camera, but from two options I chose the worst one.. OK, I learn something everyday..At least now I know little bit more about digital cameras..