July 25, 2008

It's raining in Sianhouk ville

It was raining yesterday, it's raining today..
And I love it!
But the day of elections in Kingdom of Cambodia will be soon.
I pack my bag and move to Thailand..

Son of small lakes and the ocean

In a silent and peaceful island of Koh Tonsay, near of Vietnamese border I saw the gulf of Thailand. Me, son of small forest lakes saw huge ocean in front of me and wonder and respect towards that unknown filled up my heart.
Somewhere there far away is Australia. Between us there is only Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesian islands. It's quite easy to get to Indonesia, but how to travel over that sea? Where do I find a boat for my last step to Australia?

I'm ready almost any kind of arrangements. Cargoships, fishing boats, yachts, sailing boats etc.. Working on a boat or paying..

So my dear friends! All ideas are welcome!

July 22, 2008

Helsinki-Uluru chapter 4.

The moon and the story letter give rhythm for my journey. I wonder in middle of this beautiful world with my notebook and pen, keep my compass pointing to south and towards Uluru and I write some notes, nonsense and ideas for stories.
Once a month I go to a bigger city and hope to find cheaper Internet cafe. Then I type my letters and stories, develop some photos and look for place for photocopies. Usually from some little dusty street I find a shop with photocopy machine. With body language and smiling we find understanding how I want it to be copied, how many copies and for what price. Happily I listen sounds of the machine and watch sight of warm papers flying out from the machine. And almost every time the machine will get stuck. Then we clean, fix, wait and smile. No problem, there is no any rush, I have time..
Finally all the letters are in envelopes, get stamps from post office and I say goodbyes to the letters and wish them safe journey.

New story letter, Helsinki-Uluru chapter 4. is out soon! Letter will include photos, diary from my time in Peoples Republic China and legend from northern Laos called "Drums in the night" illustrated by Lars Kastilan.

Until this day the letter has been sended to Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, China, Mexico and Australia.
-Order the story letter and join the group-

July 12, 2008

Ruins of Angkor

I walked days in old capital of great Khmer kingdom, wandered in Angkor, it's ruins of palaces and temples. In city where lived around 1 million people at the time when London was only small town with population of 50 000. Time pass, trees grow, kings and kingdoms fall down, but stones stay. And these ruins whisper magical stories of old cultures, glory and powerful kings, who's offspring are these people in Cambodia, who today seek for their identity, healing and forgetting after their history full of violence.
Only 35 years ago Khmer rouge marched to Cambodian cities, took power for it self, decided it is year zero and started to build up Pol Pot's utopia. First they killed all educated people; teachers, doctors, monks etc. Finally this civil war killed nearly 2 million people and left deep wounds in heart of this country

I repeat my self and say: O, books of history!
What we can learn from you?