July 12, 2008

Ruins of Angkor

I walked days in old capital of great Khmer kingdom, wandered in Angkor, it's ruins of palaces and temples. In city where lived around 1 million people at the time when London was only small town with population of 50 000. Time pass, trees grow, kings and kingdoms fall down, but stones stay. And these ruins whisper magical stories of old cultures, glory and powerful kings, who's offspring are these people in Cambodia, who today seek for their identity, healing and forgetting after their history full of violence.
Only 35 years ago Khmer rouge marched to Cambodian cities, took power for it self, decided it is year zero and started to build up Pol Pot's utopia. First they killed all educated people; teachers, doctors, monks etc. Finally this civil war killed nearly 2 million people and left deep wounds in heart of this country

I repeat my self and say: O, books of history!
What we can learn from you?

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