December 19, 2008

Days and holidays

We ended up to anchor in small mining town Dampier and I find myself doing construction work in supermarket..
O' how romantic :)
But in the evening I can go back to boat, get rid of clothes, (covered by sweat, construction dust and red sand) climb on roof, jump to the ocean and say;
"Could someone pass me a green can? If you can!?

Next week I'll have a holiday too. I'll drive to the dessert, to camp and looking for kangaroos and rocks. Or I'll sail with Oelin's folk to some peaceful bay to wonder this beautiful world!

Merry Christmas!

December 1, 2008

Under the Southern cross

Ten days we sailed on Indian ocean, Captain Warwick, Tj, Jonas and me. On calm nights I took my bed and slept on a deck under the stars and when the ocean showed a little bit of her powers, I rocked from one side to other. I melted.. I totally fell in love with the life on a sea; it's slowness, silence and song of the stars and wawes.

And finally I stepped on solid ground in Broome.
Have I came to some weird planet?
Australia here I am!

Now it would be time to learn to speak Australian language ,make some plans and look for a job.
But the ocean is whispering to me and Oelin is on it's way around Australian continent, so I might stay few more days and sail further south..