June 20, 2008

Summer solstice

In monsoon I travel through amazing landscapes, following the Mekong river I go through peaceful and laid back Lao. Monks and beautiful temples. People sleeping in offices, restaurants, little shops and on a streets... Why not?

And the daily rain witch comes as sure as day and night.
One day we hiked on muddy jungle paths and over rice fields to little village. We sat down on the end of the village, ate some noodles and watched sunny scenery..
In one moment we saw dark clouds running and flowing over the mountain. We could hear and see the rain coming.. One-two-tree.. it's here
But you get used to the rain and being wet. And when it's not raining it's so hot that only little thought in your mind about walking makes you sweat and your shirt becomes wet anyway.
Maybe I could just lay down here, do nothing and rest.. Why not!?

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