April 9, 2008

There is quite a many people in China

All travel guide books advice that you should avoid trains and tourist atractions on puplic holidays in China. I kind of forget last fridays holiday of remembering ancestor and booked a train tikcet to TaiShan for night before holiday.
So I ended up to be pushed in a train and stand there allmost 7 hours with more than 200 Chinese in same wagon.(I had a seat, but just could't get to other side of our wagon before allmost end of my journey) And glimbe up to sacred taoist peak Mount TaiShan with I think over one million Chinese. Like huge worm we were going slowly up and up. Step by step over bridge of clouds and finally to the Southern gateway to heaven and to the summit in altitude 1540m. It was quit opening experience, somehow.. (Read more from next storyletter)

In Tai'an the summer came and I said goodbye to my old army jacket. I carried it to bank of river witch flows from sacred Mt TaiShan. I was remembering all those 12 years we had been going together, all travels, all tears of desperation, countless amount of Sorbus bottles and some ramdomly kisses. I lighted up an incense, wishing he would find a new good home and said goodbyes to my old friend.

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