April 18, 2008

About stories

From country to country slowly by train and buses. But oh so fast anyway. Cultures, languages and people are changin to new in one moment and sometimes I just would like to stop a train, jump out and continue by feets.
Without local language it has been quit hard to find stories and I feel it would be easier to go back to Finland and sit few days in great Finnish library looking for stories. But this journey is something different, without language you miss somethin but see something else. You feel all the sounds, smells and smile faces of people. Song of the bird and soft whisper of the wind are singing their own story. Sometimes you can hear it, sometimes not.

And everywhere I go I meet lovely people who are helping in a daily life situatuions and also helping with local languages and in my seeking for stories. Example in Beijing I got possibility to handcrafts from minority tribes and hear stories from wedding clothes. Creation of the world was all showed as pictures in a cloth!

This writing stories and letters is quit new for me and quality of it so different to oral storytelling. An oral storyteller I feel I am. Storyteller in this moment, with these people around me. So sometimes I have started to fear that i'm becoming to be literal animal, that I live and create my life only throught my blog writings, throught letter and this blog.
Fortunately there has came situation for story evenings, in Olkholn Island, nomad tent in Mongolian desert, Beijing's World trade mansion's 21. floor and in Mix-hostels garden on Ghengdu.. Those moments has kept flame of storyteller burning inside me.
Thanks for you people who made those situations possible and lived stories with me!

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