April 1, 2008


"Happiness is a half dollar ring.
Happiness is voice of cat.
Happiness is bark of familiar dog.
Happiness is a new bag.
Bag full of hopes
Bag full of hopes
that everything is going to be allright"
-Tohtori Orff & Herra Dalcroze- (from record: Muuvaara)

Helsinki-Peking 8092km
From Mongolian emptiness and after horseback riding in natural park I got myself to Beijing. To huge metropol with 17 million people. My train train took me here at a day of full moon and spring equinox. Expat family Rinkinen was waiting for me with open doors.
For my surprise I came to rest here. I taught I'll stay only few days and continue to south and more rural areas. But here I'm still and happy. Eat some breakfast with kids, Paju and Suvi-Elina, look their paintings, games and go to fantasy adventures in nearby parks.
Beijing is city of many faces. Millions of people, cars, pollution and polices. New high buildings rising up everywhere. And just next street from crowd there is an old temple with rich flavor of incense. And next corner there is peacefull park. Grannys playing drums, colorful kites on a sky, and old fellow doing calligraphy with two big brush to stones of street using water as a paint.
Somedays you just can't see the sun from pollution and next day you woke up and see than wind has been blowing and the sun is rising to clear sky! Cheery trees are in blossom, willows branches with light sprin green leaves are hanging over the Houhai lake and lovers are kissing on the bridge.. I'm singing:

"Happiness is a half dollar ring
Happiness is voice of a cat.."

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