May 3, 2008

1. May

I'm hiding Chinese holiday week in Chengdu and I start to be frustrated to this city. Anyway I eat my daily mangos, the queens of the fruits and feel happy becouse of little miracle who borned this last Tuesday. I'm now uncle of two pretty girls!

A first story letter has been sended from China. The letter includes my travel diary from Helsinki to Uluru, photos and story called Crocodile and maiden in north.
The second letter will be out soon also in English. It will include moments from Irkutsk to Chengdu, an old legend from Baikal, a true story from Finland and drawings by Marnix van Dixhoorn It's possible to order old letters too! If you wish so please just send a message to me.

Now it's time to continue my jouney towards Uluru. In few days I'll take a train to south and to Yunnan province. Days in my China visa start to run out, but I hope to get one month more and go around in Yunnans minority villages, mountains and jungle paths for some time. Let see..

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