May 22, 2008

Full moon in Dali

Three months on the road to Uluru.
Days are passing slowly and my way continues towards south.

All these crisis in Asia. A typhoon in Myanmar, situations in Tibet, train accidents and earthquake in Sichuan. In middle of these I realised it in some moments how small, helpless and mortal I am.
I left Chengdu just one week before the black monday. And in Yunnan I only saw lights on roof shaking little bit and some mountain roads were blogged by landslides. All my friends in Chengdu are allright, but thousands of others are not. So weird is this life of human beings.

I got my visa extented. So I'll go aroud Yunnan for awhile before I'll enter Laos. About monsoon I don't understand a thing yet, but last week it has been raining everyday and allmost all the time. Slowly it came to my mind that I might travel next months throught the rain and I bought a raincoat for me. Rainy season here I come!
I'm ready!??

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