May 10, 2008

Rainy morning in Luguhu

Clouds are flouting around the lake and mountains.
Silence, me, cup of tea and puppy.

After all crowds and Chinese new build plastic old towns I took bus towards from Lijiang to Sichuan and Yunnan border. Towards Luguhu, mountain lake in altitude 2690 meters. Chinese tourist bus drop me off in road next to the stone where was written Lige. Down there will be village where I'm heading. I sat long time on stone and looked at the beautiful blue lake in middle of the mountains.
Luguhu is home of Mosu people and many other small tribes. Lasts matriarcal societys in world. But in China everything is for sale. In many places minority people live like in zoo for tourists to come, pay and watch them. Here everything is anyway small, peacuful, beautifull and quite real.
I wait for the sun come out of the clouds. Then I will again hike in small paths, climbe on hills and jump to swim in clear and cold Luguhu's water..

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