October 15, 2008

Streets of Indonesia

I ran from Bali to Kupang or I could actually say that I rushed from Central-Java to West-Timor. I passed without any thoughts beaches of Bali, wild and free tourist girls, Hindu temples and sweet smell of Indian incenses..
I waited a ferry to Sumbawa, ate some banana chips, watched the sun sets over the mountains of Lombok and weird sorrow filled my mind. I know that Kupang will be my last stops in Asia before entering Australia and so called western culture. Is it this running how I say goodbyes to Asia?
Anyway I sat on a next bus and continued my journey towards the east. I passed Mosques in Sumbawa, Komodo Dragons, Flores hobbits, Kelitmutu's magical tricoloured volcanic lakes and thought that one just can't see or experience everything..

But anyway in those long hours in buses I saw many beautiful smiles, met many new friends. And in a last ferry from Ende to Kupang I sat 18 hours on red wooden box, saw dolphins swimming next to the ferry, played "I like.., Do you like?" game with a ten years old boy from Bajawa and the full moon of October shine on the sky and made a silver bridge over the sea..
And I felt in my heart: I just love this country!

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