October 24, 2008

Jalan jalan

I wandered on a isolated beaches, sat on a bonfire with fishermans, played some pool in Teddy's bar and went around of Kupang city on these grazy bemoes with loud soundsystems and huge colourful stickers of either Jesus or sexy playboy girls.

But anyway, my daily routine for last ten day has been following: Just walking on Jalan Sumatera, Jl Garoda and Jl Silaweda, looking at the sea and the boats, dreaming, coffee and internet in Lavalon, Manggo juice and Nasi goreng in night market and few bottles of Anker beer in Robin's place (Pantai Laut Resto)
So I have been just hanging around, made some questions here and there, met many awesome characters in night of Kupang and got some new tips, heard some new rumours about yachts, got some new contackts and my hope is ingreasing. Maybe I don't meet the Persian Princess just right now, but it seems that I might get a ride in yacht to Australia!

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