October 7, 2008

Pelantsuhan Benoa

I came to Bali and for the first thing I went to harbor Benoa, ordered an ice lemon tea and chatted with sailors. Yes, I have already begun to understand that I'm late or just traveling on a wrong season. The winds are blowing to the north and to the west. Almost nobody is going to the east on these days. But anyway hoping for some kind of miracle to happen I put my note on the wall:

Heading to Australia?
Do you need extra crew on your boat?

Some temperature and also some weird feelings in my stomach say to me that would be better not to travel for few days. So I'll write and just rest some days on hills of Bali. Then I start to rush, run and race with my poor money situation and approaching cyclone season. I'll follow a hint I got six months ago in Irkutsk (Thanks Alex). The hint about place in Timor where sailors and yachtmans from Darwin might hang around.
Kupang and Teddy's bar. I'm coming!

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Alex said...

Hi Marcus,

I made it to Yogyakarta. Unfortunately, I didn't managed it to climb Mt. Merapi.
Beautiful pictures you've made. I'm a little bit jelaous:-)

I hope you can find a way to get to Australia. If I can help you in any way, just write me a mail.