August 22, 2009

There ain't straight roads in Indonesia

Sailing yacht Maralinga will soon change the course towards Australia and me as I worried before, got a bit stuck in North-Sulawesi. I go to the office and ask about ferries, is there one and where and when? And I get an answer: "Yes, there is one next week.. or no, yes next one is after one month.. and oo maybe there is small ferries on west coast.. yes there is some in few days.. O no there is no ferries" OK, OK.. I understand and don't understand. And I drive again around town seeking for a office or a person who would have a correct information. But is there such a thing in Indonesia? I really don't know!

But beside all the hassle, dificulties and grazynes I just love this country! My heart is beating to this soil, these islands, moments, brothers and sisters and I would like to understand. I would like to hear one more tale, learn one more word of bahasa indonesia, share one more dinner, share one more Sopi, share one more smile..

But sometimes while I'm walking on the streets my mind is yelling:
"Please girls, stop smiling to me... you are too beautiful!"

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