August 29, 2009

Helsinki-Uluru chapter X

In Bitung I wait for the next ferry to Java. I spoil myself in too expensive hotel, try to write and update my broken English letters (Sorry friends, that I have been so slow with those!). On the streets I take daily lessons of Bahasa Indonesia and mostly I just try to rest and to prepare myself to oncoming run to Helsinki. There will be too long ferry/bus/train journeys, too quikly changing cultures, languages and friends..
But I guess I'm ready.
It's time to go home.

Hki-Uluru chapter X finally on the paper. From the letter you can read about my journey from Kupang to Dampier and a fictitious tale called "Old man and a bench". And the next chapters are ready soon!

-Please order a letter, read more and help me to home -

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