January 31, 2009

Back to the bay (Fuck yeah!)

"Wish I was a bird,
flying down to earth.
... but I'm stuck in my dreams."

Oelin and her crew of sea gypsies sailed against the winds. She hitted her nose to the waves, but finally we arrived to Shark Bay, where our mission was to salvage two ship wrecks. Other boat was almost in pieces on the bottom of the ocean and the other one still quite OK, just standing on a sand bar.
Ropes, chains and anchors.
Wet and salty water, sweat and swear words.

I fought with ropes and practised new knots; Bowline, Lazy Jack, The eight and a lock, Ordinary hitch and a lock, Italian hitch.. Slowly, slowly I learn, but often on front of me, I see again and again a knot called a Finnish hitch (or Markus hitch). The knot is some weird squiggles, frills and bends. It's slides here and there and doesn't lock anything at all.
But to undo it? It's almost impossible..

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