March 4, 2008

Morning in Siberia


I woke up in a train and jump out of my green wagon after sleeping ther five nights. I got out to clear sunny Irkutsk morning, new and unknown city. Stuff to the storage room, a map from shop, hot cup of black coffee and start to wander where am I?

But let's go back in time for a moment.

I started my trip from Helsinki 22.2. Took a russian minibus to Saint Petersburg and everything started great. Waiting two hours to bus to come. But finally got to Saint Petersburg with my friend Hanna who was also my great guide to St Petersburgh and for Russian manners and language. Int he city there was waiting Duynja and Dennis and their flat with a landlord. Warmnes, laught and soft bed!
Saint Peter is something fantastic. People selling flowers in the corners all night long, lovers kissing on bridges and somewhere I can hear a sounds of a streetmusican's quitar. Oh what life, what a city, I fall in love!

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