February 26, 2008

Let's go

"Early one morning Snifkin woke up in his tent with the feeling that autumn had come and that it was time to break camp. Breaking camp in this way comes with a hop, skip and a jump! All of a sudden everything is different, and if you´re going to move on you´re careful touse every single minute, you pull up the tent pegs and douse the fire quickly before anyone can stop you or start asking questions, you start running, pulling on your rucksack as you go, and finally you´re on your way and suddenly quite calm like a solitary tree with every single leaf completely still. Your camping site is a rectangle of bleached grass. Laterin the morning your friends wake up and say: he´s gone away, autumn is coming.
-Tove Jansson-

With these Tove's words I start my journey towards east and spring. Same time I light up a candle for my friend Jaana Ulriikka who left on her travels two years ago..

Sun is shinig over the old buildings and bridges. Saint Petersburg is beatyfull.

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