May 24, 2009

New things

Just yesterday, after six months in OZ, I realized that Sydney isn't the capital, it's Canberra. (Canberra what!?)

Little speak:
How are you? How's going mate?
Slowly I learn, and slowly I pick up this Australian accent. And finally I start to be able to answer to people, (not just murmur something to my beard) and somehow I even start to enjoy those little conversations: Early in the morning a smile and few words in a clothing store, or a girl on a shop's desk, her beautiful eyes and some small talk.
But quite often, and more often in a work under a constant noise on a background I just stare with big eyes: "What, What??" and answer: "Goog, good" Or without understanding what the other person is asking I just raise my shoulders and say: "I don't know.."

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